Bring It, Burberry!

by beautybones

Today, I’m going to touch on another high end brand that isn’t quite so offensively as expensive as Tom Ford, but still pricey nonetheless. My particular purchase came from, as my local store didn’t have a Burberry counter. boooooo. hiiissssss. *throws tomatoes*

Anyway, here are the goods:


The Lipstick is from the Lip Velvet line in No. 304 Redwood. It has .12oz of product and retails for $30.

The eyeshadow is from the Sheer Eye Shadow line in No. 9 Rosewood. It has .088oz of product and retails for $29.


My general thought on the packaging is an A+. Much of the packaging has some weight and the plaid detailing, both on the outside as well as right in the product itself, is just delightful. The lipstick case has a square, dark charcoal matte finish (with the plaid reflecting in the light.) I imagine this design choice has to do with the matte, long wear formula. It’s a bit more lightweight than the eyeshadow case, but the cap  has the unique detail of magnetizing shut…not in any which way, in case you were wondering…it has to sit just on the right side to snap closed.

The eyeshadow case is a reflective, stormy gray color, with the plaid etched in, of course. The compact comes in a little black velvet pouch, also advertising the signature Burberry plaid. Upon opening it, there is a full size mirror, a generously sized pan, and a single sponge applicator. Best part? you guessed it: Magnetic closure, son!

IMG_1815 IMG_1813

The Products:

The Burberry line consists of mostly neutral, very wearable colors. These two are no exception. I purchased both of these items with little swatching information, and based most of it off of the website swatches. (a waste, i know, but all turned out well)

The shadow is interesting to me. Its called Rosewood, it looks kind of like a rosey taupe color in the pan, with no glitter…perhaps a sheen, if you will. When I swatched it on my hand/arm I almost felt as though the rosiness muted itself, and the light reflective properties bumped up, leaving me with a shimmery cool brown. My first impression was literally, “Meh.” Then, I applied it to the lids….and thats where the magic happened. The pigment was subtle, but as I packed the color on my lid, the rosiness returned! It was subtle, wearable, and eye catching. The more I use it, the more in love I fall. I will absolutely be investing in more of these shadows….sometime when I have the cash monies.

The lipstick swatch here is coming off quite a bit more bold and red than it actually is. I consider Redwood to be a rosy mauve. Keep in mind, this formula is full on pigment, so almost any shade is going to pack a punch. No.304 Redwood is actually on the lighter end of the Lip Velvet line spectrum of color choices. Its not fully matte…..Satin I’d say. Lips are comfortable wearing this product. It doesn’t appear to dry out the lips over time, and it wears beautifully. After drinking tea, having a cocktail, and smoking a pipe (tobacco, in case you’re curious 😉 hah) I still have an even distribution of color.