Winter Proof Lips…and I Mean It!

by beautybones

Long time no blog! Work at the funeral home has burnt me out. I had a restoration project that was pretty intense.

I also lost my dearest friend and companion. His name is Tague, but I always called him “Handsome” and he is a seal point persian cat. He was 11 years old, and to my knowledge had absolutely nothing wrong with him. I just found him in his little napping area “sleeping.” I’ve been crying for days.IMG_1165


Anyway, apologies for all the venting…on to the actual post!

There are two products that I have used religiously for years when it came to either healing chapped lips or protecting them from further dehydration and pain. I’ve got nothing fancy to offer you here. You can find both products at your local pharmacy. I am so passionate about the efficacy of these products that I believe my very first youtube video was about this duo, and I’m pretty sure I rambled for a good 10 minutes. yikes.




Yep. That’s it. This may be my most boring post yet! Seriously though, these products offer such relief that I can’t be without them.

So when your lips are burning like hell, and you can’t help but lick them for a .5 second relief, (only to really cause more irritation) thats when I reach for the Chap Stick. Let me be clear here…when I say Chap Stick, I don’t mean the Moisturizing, Strawberry, Cherry, etc crap. Light blue tube. MEDICATED. (important details here) Applying this will give you instant relief. No exaggerations, either. One tube has .15 oz and prices vary depending on where you live/where you buy.

Aquaphor by Eucerin is my next choice. I was given an entire box of these little sample sizes when I started the Accutane treatment (for severe acne.) This is your super heavy duty moisturizer and defense against the elements. If after applying your Chap Stick, and you finally feel better, slap some Aquaphor right on top of that. Your pout will be signed, sealed, and delivered. Some winters, I get some really dry patches around my nose, forehead, or even eyelids. I’ve been known to dab some of this on overnight to help my skin pipe the #*%& down! I’m not exactly sure what sizes Aquaphor comes in as I’m still working on the box of samples I was given. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pocket sized tubes at Target. Prices will also vary here as well.

Seriously, these two products are power houses when it comes to dealing with irritated, dry lips. I’ve heard others talk about Carmex as well…I don’t have much experience with it, but I do know that if it’s not medicated, its not for me.

Hoping you all are in better spirits than I,