My name is Stacy, and I’m a New England Artist, Mortician, Pet Sitter, and/or Jack of All Trades. I graduated from Art School on a full scholarship, majoring in Fashion Design. Fearing being forced to design old lady sweaters, I went on to Mortuary College. Every day, my challenge is to figure out how to combine art and human anatomy (its a beautiful thang, people!) BUT, despite doing and loving all of these things….

I’m having an affair with the beauty industry.

This, here, is my outlet to share with you the products I’m absolutely infatuated with, along with ones are that are just okay…or perhaps some that I won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. My main focus is on high end products, but recently I’ve found that some drugstore products surprisingly can almost compete. (think back to drugstore makeup as a kid….*shudders*) The integrity of my reviews are my top priority. I pay for my products and have no interest in being approached by companies in order to “review” their products. What’s the point if I can’t be brutally honest?  😉

I am constantly doing research, and as time goes on, and I become well versed in complex ingredients, and their chemical reactions with our skin, I’ll make sure to pass that along to you. “Neeeerrrrrrrrrd” I know….and I’m dayum proud, too!