Stace, Where Have You Been?!

Hi all! I know, I’ve disappeared for a bit. Frankly, there have been many things keeping me away from you all. The nature of my job physically kicks my ass, and lately work has been busy. There has also been a slew of bad things happening to me lately. Starting with my kitty unexpectedly passing away, the Boston marathon bombing, my grandmother almost dying, and my parents splitting up. Psychologically and emotionally I’ve been having a difficult time. I hope the next half of the year turns out to be more positive.

My point here is that I haven’t forgotten about this place and I haven’t abandoned this little project of mine. I have plenty more to come. It’s just a matter of execution. Hopefully very soon. 🙂

Hoping you are all well, and if there are any requests for reviews or any other kinds of posts, please feel free to share.

I also may be starting a blog documenting my struggle with mental health, emphasizing on anxiety disorders….in case anyone else here may be interested. 

Take Care!